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Daniel Marco Author

Daniel J Marco

From the first moment of the indescribable loss of a child in a senseless murder to the loss of everything he knew, his career, his wife, his life, to the beginning of his recovery, Daniel J. Marco tells his story of loss, of love, of crippling and debilitating grief, and of the moments when he begins to see the light of life, again. He tells of his journey from the inside, while he's still in it; a journey he is still on today, but one that is now laced with considerable light and hope.

Barbara Saint John Author

Barbara Saint John

Barbara Saint John, Grief Specialist of over twenty years, helped Marco find his way to that place in his journey, and together, they wrote this book to share their perspectives in this compelling, comforting, hopeful tale of survival and moving from tragedy to a new normal.

This book was written as part of Saint John's exercises over the course of three years. The reaction that has been received from people who have read the manuscript convinced us that this was something that should be published. We are surprised and grateful for the positive response!

As Saint John says, "We are a nation of grievers." Ever lost a person you love? A pet? A job/career/or your investments? Ever lost a relationship to divorce? A home? A special possession? If so, you have experienced grief and can benefit from reading this book. It is our fondest wish that this book may help you find your new normal.

Dan Speaks with CBS 5 to talk about grief, loss and recovery.


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