Terry Pluto Speaks About Grief and Loss

By en_admin December 31, 2015

Cleveland Browns, Indians, Cavs fans Talk To Terry about special people memories that come up during holidays

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“I got an email from a fan and he was just talking about why he follows the Browns. It was one of those things that was really a heart-grabber. He said, ‘My son was a law student at Arizona State. It was 2010 and he was watching the game.┬áIt’s Colt McCoy’s first NFL start in Pittsburgh and he’s sending me texts. ‘How does Colt look?’ He said it’s the last text he got from his son. He says when he walked out of that library, two guys came up to him, robbed him of his computer and cell phone and killed him in cold blood. He says, ‘Now when I go and watch the Browns, I think of my kid.'”


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